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Ms. Smita Chirimar holds Masters Degree in Commerce from the University of Madras. She is also an associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and has completed a post membership qualification course in Corporate Governance. Prior to associating with the firm as a partner, she worked as Company Secretary of a listed company belonging to a big group of Power and Steel companies and independently handled secretarial and compliance related work for the whole group comprising of a number of NBFCs, listed companies (both in India and abroad), private and public companies. She has gained substantial experience and knowledge, in a short span of time, and has handled a variety of assignments stretching over the provisions of Companies Act, LLP Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act. She is an easy going but confident and committed person who strives to bring harmony and peace in also aspects of life. She firmly believes that “Success is immediate history” and “learning is a never ending exercise”.

She heads the following broad functions in the firm
1. XBRL filing of Cost and Financial statements
2. Assignments relating to Foreign Exchange Management Act
3. Co-ordinating with clients for completion of routine assignments
4. Management, supervision and training of employees and trainees
5. Preparing academic updates and opinions

Professional Experience
1. Compliance management under the Companies Act, SEBI, FEMA, RBI and
     other Economic Legislations for listed and as well unlisted Companies
2. Incorporation of Companies and LLPs
3. Liaison with Stock Exchanges for listing, re listing and other matters.
4. Co-ordination with RBI for FEMA and NBFC related issues.
5. Preparation of Scheme of Arrangements and Reconstruction.
6. Conducting Secretarial Audits and Due-Diligence of Companies.

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