S Dhanapal &Associates
       Practising Company Secretaries
Amalgamation / Merger / Demerger/ Reduction of capital.
Drafting of the Scheme of Arrangement for Amalgamation based on the terms of the merger.
Facilitating appearance before the respective Honorable High Court having jurisdiction to obtain the suitable orders for the above purpose.
To render all assistance required to conduct the shareholders and creditors meetings as directed by the respective Honorable High Court having jurisdiction on Application made for the above purpose.
Drafting of suitable Application to be filed in the Honorable High Court having jurisdiction to obtain the required orders for conduct of shareholders / Secured Creditors meetings.
Liaison and coordination as and when required by various government bodies such as:
Registrar of Companies.
Official Liquidator.
Regional Director, Ministry of Company Affairs.
Stock Exchanges.
Securities & Exchange Board of India.
Acquisitions & Takeovers
To provide all legal guidance and assistance for Acquisitions & Takeovers.
To provide guidance and help to target companies in the compliances to ensure all conditions precedent are met by the target company prior to Takeover.
To undertake Due Diligence facilitating the Client to understand its legal position on Takeover of the target company.
To facilitate all required drafting of agreements like share purchase agreements, indemnity and related to above take over and acquisitions and guide in all statutory compliances, post Acquisition and as required.
Structuring with a view to make the whole process tax-efficient.
Valuation of assets and determination of exchange ratios.
Voluntary Winding up / Dissolution / Liquidation by Honorable High Court.
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