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NPO / NGO Governing Laws

We are also rendering the following services towards formation, execution and running of a Non Profit Organization NPO / NGO under rules and regulations and governing provisions of Statutes in India:
  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Memorandum and Rules and Regulations and Trust Deed of a Company, Society and Trust respectively;
  • Registration of an NPO with the Registrar of Companies, Registrar of Societies or with the Registrar of Assurances as the case may be;
  • Maintenance of minutes book related to meetings and statutory records and registers;
  • Filing of returns, reports and other necessary documents as per the provisions of the respective statute;
  • Providing legal advice in matters pertaining to registration, establishment and running of an NPO;
  • Obtaining necessary approval from the Appropriate Authorities and Respective Government.